$1.4 Million in Cannabis Products Seized from Costa Mesa Dispensary

The “illegal” business. (Photos courtesy of the City of Costa Mesa)

City and state authorities raided an unlicensed Costa Mesa cannabis delivery service and seized more than $1.4 million in products, it was announced Tuesday.

Officers from the Costa Mesa Police Department and the California Division of Investigation’s Cannabis Enforcement Unit served a search warrant at Costa Mesa Beach Buds, 1651 Placentia Ave., on March 28, according to a statement from the city.

The Cannabis Enforcement Unit is the enforcement arm of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, which falls under the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

Some of the products seized.

“Illegal dispensaries harm and burden surrounding business owners and taxpayers,” says Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley in the statement. “Allowing them to illegally operate in the city creates an unfair advantage over our lawfully permitted green zone businesses. We are so grateful for the efforts of the Bureau of Cannabis Control to address illegal dispensaries in Costa Mesa.”

All commercial cannabis activity in California requires a state-issued license from one of the state’s three cannabis licensing authorities, notes the city, which directs those who wonder if  a cannabis retail location is licensed to visit www.CApotcheck.com.

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13 Replies to “$1.4 Million in Cannabis Products Seized from Costa Mesa Dispensary”

  1. What a joke. 12 unlicensed dispensaries in Costa Mesa. They all have big signs out front. They are no legal dispensaries in Costa Mesa. How hard is it to bust them? One gets busted and suddenly BCC and LE is a hero? They couldnt find a burger at in and out.

    1. Cannabis is the least of our worries in Costa Mesa we’ve got bums shooting up right on Newport Boulevard and all those sexy hotels but they’re worried about marijuana and we got all these crackheads over here on Harbor Boulevard up and down

  2. In the 70’s when I was little hippy brat I thought someday they’ll legalize pot and won’t that be great. Now as an old fart, with a 25 y/o son who has been ruined by drugs since high school (Segerstrom) it’s a WAY different world. Street meth, super strong weed and recovery homes, have made a sad disaster out of long LONG list of families. Pot shops everywhere well,
    they simply AIN’T THAT GREAT. Why isn’t advertising (billboards, signs) at least – regulated like alcohol? (see the 55 fwy in Santa Ana) sad.

  3. Not one city, county or state is seeing anywhere near the taxes they thought they would yet these shops are turning far more business than reported.
    Then there’s the fact that drugs from across the border have risen instead of dropping as well as making more people unemployable and why kids can’t find jobs. They can find them. Just can’t get hired.
    Team this article up with the other about most millennials still living at home.

  4. Costa Mesa supposed code enforcement is a joke. It took them a half of year to close down the one at Irvine and 17th. We still have one at Marvac that’s been there for over a year and another one Across Harbor Blvd. The landlords rents to these shops because they pay three times market which makes is hard for real businesses to get a decent space. The real simple solution is you pass a city ordinance. If you rent to a illegal pot shop and it closed down you can rent that property for 18 months. You take the profit out and the landlords won’t rent to them. This has been done since the eighties. Cities in the southeast LA country had a hooker problem and the motels were renting by the hour. If they got caught they could rent that room for a year. The problem went away when they couldn’t rent five or so rooms. The motels started calling the police when the hookers showed up and were issue treaspass warnings. No more problem. Wake up Costa Mesa!

  5. Saddest thing is they probably were once legal til the city decided to place a couple of new ordinances that completely made their licenses null and void 😂. It’s all racketeering from city officials imo

  6. Why is the BCC a hero? Just because one dispensary has paid the fees and one had not, does that mean you have to tattle tale on someone. What is this? It’s killing the whole purpose to treat the pains of the clients. so many politics into it now, makes me not trust the product quality. I’d much rather buy from an unlicenced farmer. And I can guarantee I’m not the only user that feels that way.

  7. Cannabis isn’t the problem in Costa Mesa we’ve got bum encampment around airplane park in downtown Costa Mesa up and down Newport Boulevard we’ve got a bunch of junkies walking up and down the streets holding hotels up starting to burn and down up and down Harbor Boulevard we’ve got transients in bomb sleeping Wilson Park all around the McDonald’s shopping center up and down Harbor it’s coming around here Costa Mesa go to the 99 Cent Store parking lot at night and look at all the junkies out there in the parking lot shooting up and smoking meth but we’re over here worried about some marijuana that’s not hurting anybody just a greedy City that makes people jump off their buildings after they fire him I watched the guy jump from City Hall I saw him hit the ground you scumbags at City Hall fired the guy that’s a loyal employee

  8. unfortunately the state laws currently allow a city/municipality to decide if they allow retail stores or not. Costa Mesa allows manufacturing and testing facilities but not retail stores. CM citizens voted no on retail…The state laws have adjusted to allow statewide legal delivery and now they are trying to force cities to allows retail stores…

    The two closed in the past week have been run by the same folks illegally for years (after they shut them down in HB) and they racked up millions and millions in profit without any taxes since its illegal and all cannabis is cash business…the only way to correct the industry is to shut down the illegal but force the allowance of legal stores…

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