Alexis Bellino and Her “Jesus Jugs” Crawl Back to Real Housewives of Orange County?

“Jesus Jugs” has reportedly been saved!

Alexis Bellino said last month like she was leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County in part because of the fellow cast member who coined her nickname, but like what fills many a D cup on the boob tube, all apparently was not what it seemed.

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What really happened, according to that paragon of accurate journalism Perez Hilton, is Bellino told Bravo if she did not get a $100,000 raise from her $200,000-per-episode paycheck for the upcoming season, she was splitting. Bravo called her bluff and made plans to shoot the upcoming season without Alexis and hubby Jim Bellino.

Since then, Alexis came crawling back, with Bravo's hardline stance not costing the network a dime, reports Hilton, who claims she is already back before the cameras.

The Bellinos had released a statement during the brief period they were off the show in part blaming their departure on “blasphemous” Tamra Barney, who during the 2012 reunion special in July called Alexis “Jesus Jugs” and the Bellinos “faux Christians.”

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