Alice Wallace Shares Her Country Around the Country and Comes Back With Vinyl

Fresh off a mini-tour that hit the Americana Fest in Nashville, Tennessee and the Folk Alliance in Austin, Texas, Alice Wallace is back in OC and ready to play for a hometown crowd. The country songstress will perform at Don The Beachcomber in Huntington Beach on Thursday, October 13, for the vinyl  release of her latest album, Memories, Music & Pride. The album has garnered substantial attention over the last year, scoring two LA Music Critic’s Awards and a show at the Country to Country mega fest in England. Nearly a year after its digital release, Wallace is giving her fans a chance to take home her most successful effort on vinyl.

“When people ask me about Music, Memories, & Pride, I still refer to it as my new album,” Wallace says of the 2015 LP. “Releasing the vinyl is a good way to reinvigorate the process and I love seeing it in a bigger format. Records come with such a sense of excitement, it’s something to celebrate.”

Her celebratory spirit is likely stemming from more than the vinyl release. Over the last year the Fullerton based singer/songwriter has been touring regularly and growing her fan base. She shares that her overseas gig at London’s Country to Country festival was a highlight, where she landed on an overall lineup that included big name artists including Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.

She’s also made multiple stops throughout California, the southwest and Midwest, with her recent mini-tour swinging through Nashville during the Americana Fest. She played a handful of unofficial shows during the five-day music conference, and after one of her performances she was surprised to be flagged down by a famous spectator – Kid Rock.

“I was in this tiny place just outside of Nashville, and it turns out that it’s place that Kid Rock pops into quite a bit. He asked me to pull up a chair and he was nice enough to chat with me and he really liked my show,” Wallace shares. “It was so funny because I wanted to stay there and talk to him but I also felt like I had to duck out and get back into the fray of the fest. I sat down for little while and then got back to it.”

In the midst of touring Wallace also released her first official music video, which was the catalyst for one of her LA Music Critic’s Awards (Best Video). The video depicts Wallace and her cohorts jamming out to the two-step friendly track, “I Just Don’t Care Anymore.” The comical and vocally powerful video was shot Cinema Bar in Los Angeles, which Wallace notes is considered a Southern California hub for Americana music.

The upcoming show at Don The Beachcomber will feature the singer with a full band including her longtime guitarist Tom Bremer and drummer Josh Huppert. She'll also tap special guests to join the stage including pedal steel player, Jeremy Long and saxophonist, Robbie Covacevich. Pat Hannon will join the band on upright bass. While the majority of the set list will focus on pre-existing material, Wallace says there’s a good chance she’ll debut new songs recently penned on the road. With what seems like unwavering momentum, Alice Wallace is looking forward to what the future holds.

“Over the summer things started clicking in a way they never had before. We’ve been out on the road and I’m getting used to touring,” Wallace says. “I’ve made friends on the road I’m starting to feel like I’m somewhat in control of my destiny. I’m looking at the bigger picture and it’s looking pretty good.”

Alice Wallace performs with Rod Melancon at Don The Beachcomber, 16278 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, Thurs. October 13. Doors 7:30 p.m., show 8 p.m. $10 online. For tickets visit

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