Asher Roth's Five Party Essentials at Coachella

Creator of the infamous college party song, “I Love College”, Asher Roth made an appearance at the Details Magazine Coachella after party presented by Hennessy last Friday night. He took the stage with his new single with Meek Mill “Party Girl” and “I Love College.” Though there were no beer pong tables, keg stands or passed out girls lying around, Roth still brought his rage face. During his performance, he jumped into the crowd while pouring bottles of Hennessy in the mouths and cups of the exclusive, invite-only crowd.


“It was cool, man. A lot of people were standing around wanting to be hammered. It wasn't like they were there for a rap show. But we made the best of it; it's all you can do. People are people. If they want to have a good time, you can't tell them what to do. So we brought the Hennessy out and people started taking shots. If there is alcohol and music, you are in pretty good shape.”

Recently signed to Def Jam Recordings, Roth will be unveiling his new album Is This Too Orange? this year. If it's successful, Roth says he'll hit the road. He adds, “And if we successfully do that, we'll put some more music out and try to tie in some entertainment and sports. We are trying to build this brand. We are just trying to have some fun and put out music.”

So how does Roth party at Coachella? “Stay hydrated, man, it's hot in the desert. I can't stand here and say go do some crazy wild drugs and go kill yourself. You know, do everything in moderation. Be with the right people. You can do all the drugs you want, but if the people you are with suck, then what's the point? But if you are with the right people, then come down here and play a team sport called partying,” he says.

Roth also enumerated his Coachella partying essentials:

1. A few close friends
2. Friendly strangers
3. Vodka lemonades with water on deck
4. Great weed
5. Sunscreen (at least SPF 45)

Last but not least? Roth advises everyone to party responsibly.

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