Bartz BBQ Makes the Best Brisket in Southern California—Just Ask Tom Leykis!

Back in December, before his annual Holiday Party from Hell, talk-show legend Tom Leykis and his crew was treated to a bunch of brisket, pork ribs and more from Bartz BBQ, the Redondo Beach catering service of loyal listener Dustin Bartz. I’ve had Tom’s ‘cue, and he’s a master—but he was so wowed by Bartz’s Texas-style brisket, which he described as the “softest brisket I’ve ever had in my life.”

Last month, I had Bartz show off his sorcery for the Weeklings. He trotted out his brisket, smoked for 18 hours, and it was everything Tom had raved about: buttery, tangy, and in no need of any sauce whatsoever. Pork ribs were fabulous, the mac and cheese, divine. And the creamed corn was the finest I’ve ever had in my life.

Before Bartz, I had only had about two or three even passable briskets in Southern California—sorry kids, but we ain’t Texas, no matter how many times our chefs or hipster cousins lined up at Franklin Barbecue. But don’t take it from me: just listen to Tom and his boyos raving in the below clip. But before that: Bartz is holding a popup THIS SUNDAY at Timeless Pints, 3671 Industry Ave., Lakewood, (562) 490-0099. GO GO GO and EAT EAT EAT. Follow him on Facebook for any future events or to order some ‘cue for your party.

And now, here’s Leykis! Hey, Tom: Take us out, Kobe style!

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