Best Bar In Orange County

Finally, a frisson of refinement for downtown Huntington Beach's notoriously beer-soaked district of dive bars and porno-star meat markets. The Main Street Wine Co. opened in late 2009 and rapidly became a popular hangout for people whose idea of drinking is to savor the experience of sharing a bottle of garnacha with friends or sipping from a fleet of the latest Mendoza malbecs rather than getting blitzed off the latest overpriced hard liquor/caffeinated sports-beverage gimmick. One wall serves as a veritable wine rack, while the opposite hosts a long bar. There are small, barrel-shaped tables perfect for huddling with your friends, as well as a patio in front where, once owner Dann Bean—a former Fountain Valley police detective—gets the city to cut the red tape and give him the right permit, you will soon be able to sip outside while smoking your favorite maduro.

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