Best Cave Filled With Sheet Music

Dorothy and the Tin Man had a helluva time getting to the Emerald City, but at Mo's Music in Downtown Fullerton, you'll find it much easier traveling down the store's very own Yellow Brick Road. No flying monkeys here! At the end of this road (which is laminated and inexplicably leads you through a giant, papier-mâché rock tunnel), you might find the complete AC/DC bassology or pop and rock hits you can play on your banjo. That's because Mo's has one of Orange County's largest collections of sheet music. Within this collection is everything you need to teach yourself to play Chopin or Fleetwood Mac on your instrument of choice, of which the place has basically everything you could ever need. You name it, Mo's has it: a large selection of acoustic and electric guitars, cellos, violins, keyboards, African drums, didgeridoos, and more. Memorabilia lines the walls and countertops, adding to the cluttered atmosphere, but you can spend hours looking through their selection for that rarest of Elvis or Betty Boop collectibles. Can't read music? Mo's offers guitar and piano lessons, too. (Just to get you started: “If I Only Had a Brain” is in the key of F major.)

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