Best Historical Landmark Everyone Takes for Granted

Yeah, so you visited the mission while in elementary school—but have you returned since? It's actually quite enjoyable. Whether you're journeying through a rustic, religious time warp during one of its many historical tours (both audio-guided and with a live docent), meandering through sacred gardens or marveling at the gilded altar of the Historic Serra Chapel, this will indeed be one of those times you were glad you woke up early to hit the road on a weekend. If driving is not your thing, take the train! If you can, try to time your trip to coincide with one of the mission's special events, such as a concert under the stars, a crafts workshop or even a historic bell-ringing ceremony. And if your stomach starts rumbling, head to El Adobe for a pair of impeccable blackened-fish tacos before grabbing an icy brew at storied South County dive bar the Swallows Inn.


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