Best Indonesian Restaurant for Gudeg

Gudeg is arguably the most soulful dish Indonesia has to offer: young jackfruit braised in coconut milk, palm sugar and spices until it turns soft and ruddy. It's the pride of a city called Yogjakarta, a burg forever linked to the dish as New England is to clam chowder and Buffalo to chicken wings. But in a cuisine already obscure to Americans, gudeg is akin to Bigfoot—a rare sight, even in Indonesian restaurants that serve it. Indo Ranch is the only one so far in OC to do it, and it doesn't offer it every day. And when it does cook up a batch, it only sells it in prepacked, chilled containers for takeout. So if you're lucky enough to be there when it does, buy one, go home, nuke it, then eat the gudeg (and the side dishes of egg, tofu and chicken cooked in coconut curry) with plenty of rice.