Best Street for a Pub Crawl

The small stretch of land leading to the Seal Beach Pier has an excellent selection of bars to choose from. We like to start at one end and work our way down—the same way you would start with the most expensive bottle of wine and work your way to the cheapest. Begin the pub crawl at 320 Main for handmade, vintage-inspired gourmet cocktails—the Moscow Mule is a must. Then mosey to O'Malleys, an Irish pub known for its frosty beers and finely made shots, such as the Tic-Tac. After that, stumble across the street to Hennessy's for cheap beer on the large smoking patio out front. Maybe another shot. Remember to pay your tab, then crawl down to Clancy's, the small, dark dive at the end of the street, for a pitcher of some form of alcohol and a game of pool that never seems to end. Finally, have someone call you a taxi.

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