Big Monsta Deliver Theme Song Gold on “Come Back to Me”

You know when you hear a song and think “why isn’t this jam a theme song for a TV show already?” Of course you have. Every now and then a local band is able to capture some sort of intangible magic pop dust that’s just the right amount of catchy and cool. For Big Monsta, that moment came the minute they decided to lay down their latest single, “Come Back to Me.” Clocking in at exactly one minute and thirty seconds, it’s already bite-size enough for a sitcom opener. The band also puts their explosive rock power to some good use on the chorus, which pops like the Bubblicious pink orb resting on the lips of the model on the song’s cover art.

The recording of the song was released independently last month. It was actually the result of some clever bartering between the band and wiz producer Jon O’Brien (who has recorded just about every relevant local indie/folk band in OC at this point, including Young the Giant).

“We had actually been hired to play Jon O’Brien’s wedding so as payment he offered to give us a single in return for us being entertainment at his wedding,” says singer Jimmy Hua, who lends his soulful vocal chords to the track backed by bassist Adrian Sanchez and drummer Michael Willson. “We played a bunch of covers for him, a bunch of stuff from Roy Orbison.”

Recorded recently at both Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana and the song’s producer Jon O’Brien’s sonic lair, The Music Box in Westminster, “Come Back To Me” is probably the most polished song the Huntington Beach trio have put out. “It was my first time working with Jon O’Brien, it was actually my first time working with another producer outside of Big Monsta,” Hua says. “It was pretty cool, he was kinda like another band member as far as the production and technical aspect. We just communicated super easily.” Likewise, the communication of the song’s message (letting go of a relationship in hopes that the person will wise up and realize how bomb-diggity you are) works for just about any format—especially TV theme song music (just sayin’). Check out the track below.

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