Big Worm Defends Bill Cosby

In light of the recent rape allegations against Bill Cosby, the comedy community is divided. Generally this industry sticks together but when a major topic comes up (i.e. rape, racism, disease, national tragedy), it gets split right down the middle. One side inevitably takes the “righteous” route and the other is purely doing their comedic duty by taking these topics and crafting the wittiest jokes they can think of.

We love a good joke because we realize that it's just that, a joke. And regardless of who you are and how you feel about comedy legend Bill Cosby, the jokes are a flyin'. With Twitter being the best place to showcase your thoughts these days and with Bill Cosby trending all over the world for the last week on the daily, we grabbed a few tweets on this very topic from Fazion Love (aka the guy who played “Big Worm” in Friday) because he seems to be one of the few who are taking Dr. Huxtable's side. Actually, if you really read into what Fazion's tweets are saying, it would seem like he has an ulterior motive. And it's all against Hannibal Buress. Sounds to us like Love is spewing a ton of hate.


Regardless of why Fazion decided to go hard on Twitter, here is our opinion on the Cosby thing. We don't condone rape as we're certain that 100% percent of the comics that are joking about it don't either. And while we feel (somewhat) bad that Mr. Cosby is being raked over the coals, we are happy that a comic (Hannibal Buress) brought this topic to light because it actually solidifies the power of the comedic voice. Also, if it is untrue, a statement could've (would've, should've) been made by now. But since it hasn't and countless TV and stage shows have been canceled because of this news, there's nothing left to do but assume and let the Twittersphere shout out their testimonials on this very topic. We'll start with Fazion and then hear what others had to say because believe us, plenty of people had shit to spout off.

Annnnd….here are a few more just for good measure. Uhh ohh, is it time to put the Pudding Pops down and pick sides?

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