Bob Dornan Discusses Donald Trump, Diabolical Clintons, Violence, Traitors, Art and Boot Licking

Our younger readers may not know about Robert K. Dornan, which is a shame because during the height of his national notoriety in the 1980s and 90s the combative Orange County congressman would have frightened Donald Trump off political stages.

Combining a rightwing ideology with his Catholic faith, an enormous ego, angry temperament, theatrical instincts and DNA that allowed him to routinely answer unasked questions for 30 minutes or longer, Dornan took on women’s rights, abortion, gays, communists, Mexican immigrants, Democrats, Jews and Bill Clinton’s “dough-boy thighs” with unprecedented hostility. Clinton once observed that the New York City native whose uncle starred in the Wizard of Oz acted like a crazed street dog suffering rabies. From 1985 to 1997, Dornan employed a nasty attitude not just to defeat opponent after opponent. He annihilated them. As a result, we sarcastically called him the “congressman for life” from Garden Grove.

Then the impossible happened after a failed Republican presidential primary bid that won the attention of comedians across the nation. An unknown Latina Democrat named Loretta Sanchez startled the political world in 1996 by taking this bitter white man’s job. Dornan claimed nuns and “illegal immigrant” voters carried across the border by yours truly had stolen his seat. Two years later, he made that laughable crusade the centerpiece of his effort to return to Congress, failed again against Sanchez and retired to northern Virginia.

Years have gone by with little fanfare. Perhaps, he’s been busy monitoring all of his generous government pension accounts. Or plotting a new campaign, a move we’ve prayed would happen if only for the entertainment we’ve missed.

Great news: Dornan has returned to the national scene. On Nov. 15, the tire-on-loose-gravel-voiced 83-year-old emerged on Sean Hannity’s radio show and brought back memories of our old telephone interviews where I needed chunks of notepads to diagram the rambling subject matters his mind spewed without prompting. It appears nothing has changed.

Here are excerpts from Dornan’s chat with Hannity after the host called him “a pioneer of conservatism” and sought his reaction to Trump's election:

“Oh, my gosh, Sean! I’ve never been so excited since the Reagan election in ’80. And I bumped into him at a restaurant on Beverly Boulevard on election night with Nancy and I’m telling you, I could hardly speak . . . Ronald Reagan . . . Chasen’s [restaurant] . . . Let me steal a quote from Clint Eastwood. Clint said ‘I’m an old man and now I can go my last years in peace . . . Well, Sean, let me say something from yesterday and I want to repeat it slowly. You and I, we tend to speak too quickly sometimes. So, let me slow down. I have known Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway [Trump's campaign aide]. She was my pollster in '96 and '98. She is a rock star. When I was a fighter pilot, we used to say there are only three jobs worth having on the planet: President of the United States, rock star and fighter pilot in any country’s air force, a fighter pilot and so we’ve been kicking around for a rock star since I was in my early 20s flying supersonic fighters. Well, Kellyanne’s not the only rock star. Sean Hannity, you are a rock star in politics and I will tell you why. Jeremiah Wright! Who else kept mentioning that and demanding that the media vet Obama? You’ve said several times since 2008 the media died in our country. They not only died, they worship at the altar of the Clintons . . . It’s almost diabolical and I’m going to give you a one answer quiz that I thinks reveals so much about this election. Every switch on traditional marriage; on Keystone pipeline, on Trans-Pacific, on everything, anything Bernie did, she became a socialist. But there’s one issue and only one, Sean, if she were to switch she would be treated like a Biblical leper like she had Ebola, AIDS, Zeka, flesh eating bacteria. The party would have dumped her in an instant if she’d changed on one issue. It’s abortion. This is why the media licks the mud off her boots. It’s—on [Fox News’] Watters' World, he had three intelligent, women all in their late 20s, early 30s and he said, ‘Ladies, you’re all voting for Hillary, why?’ The middle one forcefully said, ‘abortion,’ one word. (Said mockingly), ‘My body’s my body.’ And last night on the 5, Geraldo [Rivera] then said the following, ‘Well, nothing’s ever going to change on Roe v. Wade. [Trump]is going nowhere there. It’s been with us since 1973. The court has decided that the baby is a part of the mother (spoken slowly as muuu-thhh-her.)’

Hannity interrupted, “Let me ask you . . . ”

“Hold on! Geraldo; a little boy in a mother’s womb—a boy of a different racial background with different hair color, different eyes, different IQ, DNA. That is part of the mother’s body like a ruptured, uh, uh, uh, uh, gall bladder? Like it’s a cancerous tumor? What are you talking about?

Hannity asked why the Republican Party has become “so spineless.”

“Well, let me bring it back to you again. The weekend before the election, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, I watched your show, with re-runs on the weekend, and I’d say to Sally [his wife], ‘Sean is going to be standing there like a tiger almost alone. If Hillary pulls this off, the diabolically protected Clinton Inc. crime family slithers back into the Oval Office, Sean has said he’s going to lay this at the feet of all these gutless Republicans.’ I said, ‘Sean has his work cut out for him. It’s gonna be so tough.' Sean, you’ve been relieved of that burden . . . [Billy] Bush tape broke . . . Vin Webber, my pal . . . Sex scandal . . . Financial scandal . . . Donald Trump . . . cover of National Review . . . Bill Buckley, he was a personal friend . . .Then on the Weekly Standard. I happened to hear over and over on the evening news last night, there was a {] article calling, uh, [Weekly Standard's] Bill Kistol a renegade Jew. What they don’t point out, it was written by a fellow Jewish member of the tribe, which doesn’t excuse the ugliness of the title but it takes away some of the harshness.”

“All of this attack on Steve Bannon. Look, I thought that the Democratic Party for one day was the Edward [sic] Munch famous picture called “The Scream.” It’s one of the wealthiest, um, for years, it had the record of selling for, I don’t know, $130 million or something. It broke the record in 1912 with $3 million, “The Scream.” The great little activist, Conal, copied ‘The Scream.’ It only lasted a day or two, Sean. They are back on the attack lead by former communist Van Jones [of CNN] with his [unintelligible]. It is unbelievable how quickly they’ve recovered, backing up their demonstrators and violence of the people in the streets. That man so viciously beaten that you showed on your program. It was tough to watch. I was clenching my teeth because 90 percent of the punches were sucker punches from behind his head. And then, this woman comes on and goes, ‘Oh, poor white people.’ Give me a break! If that was your brother, your father, your kid brother and being beaten like that in the street, your husband, I’m telling you you better eat properly Sean, and you better watch yourself, you better drive carefully, this country needs you like, uh, it needed Nathan Hale.”

Hannity labeled this presidential contest “the forgotten man’s election.”

“Well, there’s one word you used over and over was ‘spineless’ and I see it in all the best religious publications out. You know I am Catholic to the core, but our bishops—I now call them ‘duck tape bishops.’ What does that mean? They reach for the duct tape and personally put it on their own mouths. They do not speak out, except for about 20 hero bishops who’ll go to the wall. You know Jesus always used parables. Let me tell you a story.”

Hannity: “We have less than a minute. By the way, I can’t even go to the Catholic Church anymore.”

“I know it. I know it . . . But let me tell you this one story of a freshman [he's talking about himself]. It’s 1977. You were just starting in Alabama and remember when you talked to the congressman to get rid of whoever that guy was in northern Alabama, you remember it came down to two people and I won.”

Hannity: “Yep.”

“You know who the other person was?”

Hannity: “Who?”

“Newt Gingrich.”

Hannity: “Yeah, I remember that, okay.”

“Sean, I beat them all. I was your adopted congressman. Now, here’s the story. I’m at the computer at the back of my house. It’s just been put in. Brand new computers . . . We’ve got about 20 traitors that vote with the other side . . .”

Hannity: “I've got to break.”

“We haven’t found our spines.”

Hannity: “Okay, B1 Bob, I gotta go because of the restraints of time. I could listen to you all day.”

“Will you do me one favor?”

Hannity: “Yeah.”

“Make up a list, a positive and a negative list like Rahm Emanuel and put on the one side all of the people like Van Jones and Ron Reagan Jr.—the bunch we’re never going to hear from again—and on the other side . . .”

Then, just as Sanchez had before him, Hannity silenced his buddy, saying, “All right, I've got to run” and the phone line went dead.

(If there weren't space considerations, this story would have been titled: “Bob Dornan Discusses Donald Trump, Traditional Marriage, Steve Bannon, Zeka, Gutless Republicans, Violence, Diabolical Clintons, Abortion, Van Jones, Traitors, Flesh-Eating Bacteria, Sean Hannity, Fighter Pilots, AIDS, Geraldo, Keystone Pipeline, Art, A Renegade Jew, Ron Reagan Jr., And, Yes, Boot Licking!”)

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