Bought Naked Juice In The Past Six Years? Get Up To $75 From A Class Action Settlement

Great news for those who've been hoarding Naked Juice receipts over the past six years (and even those who haven't). You can get yourself a slice of a $9 million class action settlement.

In perhaps the most shocking smoothie scandal of the decade, it was revealed that Naked Juice isn't exactly “all natural,” even though it made that claim on its labeling. There are other ingredients in the mix such as vitamins, zinc oxide, ascorbic acid, calcium pantothenate and a synthetic fiber, making it hardly “the freshest, purest stuff in the world.” (But still probably better than most of the crap we shovel into our faces.)

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The PepsiCo-owned company was sued over the false claims, and a settlement was announced last month. Here's the part you care about–how to get the cash. If you've purchased any Naked Juice flavor on this list (which includes the popular Green Machine) from September 27, 2007 to August 19, 2013, you can receive up to $75 with proof of purchase, or up to $45 without. Submit an online claim form here by Dec. 17.

Apparently, Naked Juice's new tagline is a very vague and generic “Drink Good. Do Good.”

A video about the claims of just how unnatural Naked Juice is can be found on the next page.

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Courtesy Truth Stream Media.

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