Brother of Death Row Double Murderer Dan Wozniak Held for Domestic Violence

The brother of double murderer Daniel Patrick Wozniak, who is sitting on California's Death Row, was arrested Thursday morning for allegedly punching, grabbing and biting a woman he is in a relationship with, according to the Costa Mesa Police Department.

A statement from Roxi Fyad, the Costa Mesa police spokeswoman, does not identify the alleged victim by name to protect her right to privacy, but Timothy Allen Wozniak was arrested along with Lisa Gayle Golledge for being alleged accessories to murder in the Dan Wozniak case.

Prosecutors previously accused Tim Wozniak and Golledge of going to Dan's home after the killings and removing a bag that contained evidence, including a saw that is believed to have been used in the decapitation and dismemberment of one victim, and of lying to police.

Tim Wozniak, 42, of Long Beach, pleaded guilty Dec. 15 to being an accessory after the fact and was sentenced to time served in jail (about a week and a half) and placed on probation through 2019.

On Monday night, he was driving with his alleged victim north on Bristol Street near South Coast Plaza, where he is accused of punching the woman in the chest several times, grabbing her wrist and biting her forearm, according to Fyad.

He continued driving the woman to an Irvine hotel, where a security guard noticed she was distraught and called the Irvine Police Department, Fyad said.

Irvine cops went to the hotel that night as well as early Thursday, when Wozniak returned and was detained. He was placed under arrest by Costa Mesa police officers just before 3:10 a.m. and was being held in lieu of $25,000 bail for alleged felony domestic violence, Fyad says.

His brother was sentenced to death on Sept. 23 for murdering his 26-year-old friend Samuel Herr and Herr's 23-year-old friend Juri “Julie” Kibuishi.

First, Dan Wozniak lured Herr to the theater on the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, shot him twice in the head, cut off his head, left arm and right hand and dispersed the body parts in the theater and a Long Beach park. Then, using Herr's cellphone, he pretended to be the dead man in texts asking Kibuishi to come to Herr's Costa Mesa apartment, where Wozniak would shoot and kill her and pose her body in a way that made it appear she had been sexually assaulted by Herr, who then fled the area.

After a teen Dan Wozniak recruited to withdraw money from ATMS using Herr's bank card was detained by police, the murder plot was exposed and the killer was arrested at his bachelor party dinner in Long Beach. He'd hatched the whole thing to get Herr's savings because he was broke and needed to pay for his wedding and honeymoon.

The Dan Wozniak death penalty case also figured into the “snitch scandal” that has rocked the Orange County District Attorney's office and Orange County Sheriff's Department, who have been accused to misusing jailhouse informants to collect damning statements from the 32-year-old, who had already confessed.

His former fiancee, Rachel Mae Buffett, is accused of lying to Costa Mesa police officers investigating the murders by allegedly “propagating the false story that Wozniak told police about Herr having problems with his family, with the intent to assist Wozniak avoid and escape from arrest, trial, conviction and punishment for the felony,” according to the OCDA. She has a pre-trial heading scheduled Jan. 27 and faces up to three years and eight months in prison if convicted.

On a jailhouse phone, where all calls are recorded, Buffet told Wozniak that she spoke with Tim Wozniak earlier in the day and that Tim confessed to being in possession of the incriminating evidence that Daniel had given his brother before going to the police station.

Tim Wozniak has since apologized to the murder victims' families and cooperated fully with the prosecution of his brother, according to Senior Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy, the prosecutor for Buffett and both Wozniaks.

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