Built for Speed

The Hootenanny is supposed to be about bands that fall under the rockabilly umbrella, but there's a reason the ad features a drawing of a vintage automobile and a tattooed girl, not some dude with a guitar. Yes, Mike Ness and Tiger Army are headlining, along with sets from Royal Crown Revue, the Cadillac Tramps, Big Sandy, Grant Lee Phillips, Throw Rag and a bunch more, but the musical portion of this annual OC summer festival is just a smidge of what's in store for concert-goers. The surrounding scenery, which includes the peaceful backdrop of Oak Canyon Ranch, vendors selling an array of clothing, a classic-car show, and-oh, yeah-girls, girls and more girls, is way more interesting than whatever band is onstage. There's also eye candy for the ladies in the form of guys holding Pabst Blue Ribbons, rocking greasy pompadours with rolled-up jeans. Fun for everybody!
Sat., July 5, noon, 2008

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