Burgerama Day 1

So two weeks ago Burger basically took over the world—did you miss the Burger Revolution on March 8? With coordinated shows all over planet Earth and crazy rockin’ freaks as far away as London and Tel Aviv flying the Burger flag? Well, it was triumphant as fuck, and now Burger returns home to pretty much flatten Orange County with the best shows since…the last Burgerama. On this first of two days: Black Lips you know, Bleached do great Shop Assistants-Stevie Nicks punk, Nick Waterhouse is your hometown R&B reality soldier, the Spits are the greatest thing since those Hardcore Devo reissues, the Night Beats once opened for Roky Erickson and did the man true justice—should we go on? If you ever heard fuzz guitar and loved it, you better be at this.

Fri., March 22, 8 p.m., 2013

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