California Ale by Telegraph Brewing Co at Wise Guys Pizzeria, Our Beer of the Week!

The ancients first asked what came first: The chicken or the egg? But I ask, what came first—pizza, or beer? (obviously beer, which has been brewed for millennia, but just bear with me here). I do know you can't have one without the other, and that it's a damn shame if the pizza is good but the beer list is mediocre. Thankfully, Wise Guys Pizzeria in Yorba Linda has the best of both worlds: pizza baked just right, gooey cheese and plenty of your favorite fixins', and a rotating beer list that has some of your local favorites along with some hard-to-find brews you can wash down your calzone (and even chorizo meatballs) with!

The beer menu boasts such local faves like Bootleggers, Valiant, and Unsung from Anaheim, but it's the rarely seen but Oh So Good beers that will grab your attention. Mens Room Original Red by Elysian Brewing Co. (5.6% ABV) is an American Red Ale, malty and full-flavored, with a toffee aftertaste. ,An extra touch of nutmeg would make this a nice winter-style beer, but I ain't complaining. Pair this with a slice of spicy Italian sausage pizza!

If you like Newcastle you'll love the Best Brown Ale by Bell's Brewery in Galesburg, Michigan (5.8% ABV). It's rich with a toasty malt, chocolate, a hint of hops, yet very well balanced. Pairs with a nice chicken parm sandwich. As for the California Ale by Telegraph Brewing Co., in Santa Barbara (6.2% ABV), is it a Belgian style Pale Ale, or a regular Pale Ale? Hmmm…it has the stone fruit and spice characteristics of a Belgian, but there's a Pale Ale hoppiness, to it that makes it somewhat dry. It's so different and it's soooo good—one of a kind, very refreshing. Another reason to visit Santa Barbara—BOOM.

Wise Guys Pizzeria has it going on—almost all locals who come in by themselves or with their families. Tuesday is Pint Night, and remember: Pizza and Beer! Salute!

Wise Guys Pizzeria, 4957 Yorba Ranch Rd., Yorba Linda, (714) 777-4700;

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