Club Pick: The Crystal Method at Heat Ultra Lounge Tonight, Oct. 9

When it comes to drawing OC's club crawling crowd, Anaheim must be doing something right these days. How else can you explain two of the county's hottest night clubs opening just minutes from each other in the land of Disney. First, we celebrated the arrival of Ember. And in more recent months, Heat Ultra lounge has strived to stake it's claim as the newest power house of Vegas-style decadence.

With a sprawling, new-age set up, Heat is already branded on the mental calendars of those who favor the feverish pulsing of electro and house music. Tonight, the club welcomes The Crystal Method, an iconic duo of digital sounds. The party starts around 9 p.m. and lasts until… well, until you give up.

TCM beat-smiths Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland pretty much ruled the 90s with their style of simultaneously twisted and addictive sonic creations. No wonder their down and dirty jams found prominence in grimy thrillers like Blade II, Resident Evil and Spawn. They're the kind of rhythms that can create a volatile need to dance when you've got the right amount of liquid courage churning through your veins. We suggest you don't try to fight it.

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