Club Pick : Third Annual JJ Birthday Party with HUGE SUPRISE GUEST at Sutra Oct. 3


Got plans this Friday night? Cancel 'em. Got a date? tell 'em your not going to make it. Planning on going to bed early that night? Wake the fuck up!

Tomorrow, under the decadent strobes of Sutra, the Costa Mesa club's anticipated party of the year is going to be insane. Mak Entertainment and The Palms Casino in Las Vegas are coming together to bring you the Third Annual JJ Birthday Party. Trust me, these two titans of entertainment wouldn't waste the cash to throw an event unless it was worth every penny. Inside this posh club known by many as ground zero for the nocturnal party life, DJ Spider will be revving up monster sets of hip hop, techno, house and Top 40.

And for all of you jaded clubbers who think you've experienced it all, Sutra's holding back a “HUGE” surprise guest that specializes in sensual seduction . This is coming from a club that brings you guests like Slick Rick, Too $hort, and Warren G so you know know you can take this claim to the bank.

It promises to be packed so if you plan on getting sauced up in the parking lot, make it snappy because there's going to be a line.

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