Creme Tangerine's Parker Macy Talks Record Store Day 2012

As you can see above, Creme Tangerine is not like most independent record stores. They took a niche market and made it even quirkier by selling vinyl out of a baby-blue trailer. Creme Tangerine, and it's owner Parker Macy is no stranger to these pages, but we figure he'd have a unique take on Record Store Day so we had a little e-chat with Macy about annual day of support for the independent record store. You can read more about Record Store Day here

Creme Tangerine survived their first Record Store Day last year, and Macy tells us about all the cool stuff he has planned for Record Store Day 2012, this Saturday! 


What was RSD like last year in terms of traffic, sales, festivities, etc.?
Last year was a blast, but we had just opened and we had no idea what the hell to expect. There was a line when we arrived at the store. We sold out of our Record Store Day titles too quickly. We've taken care to plan this year better.

Does Record Store Day help independent record stores such as Creme Tangerine?

Absolutely! Anytime the world if encouraged to do a pub crawl of record stores, mom and pop shops like myself will be grateful.

What, if at all, is the most frustrating part of RSD?

Every day is completely focused around records for me. Record Store Day is great but it reminds me of my father (a preacher) who would always make comments about how everyone goes go church on Easter and Christmas but forgets about it the next week. [That's] kinda how Record Store Day feels too.

What do you think of the official RSD limited releases?

I love the limited Record Store Day releases! There are several that I can't wait for!

What are you doing for RSD this year?

We will be having a two-day Record Store Day Sale this year: April 21 and 22. In addition to the limited edition Record Store Day releases, we are packing our shelves with tons of great stuff that we've been stashing away and we will be discounting up to 75% off. There will be several free records (Good stuff. We promise.) hidden in the bins throughout the entire sale. Fresh records both days.

Some indie record stores have expressed to me they feel Record Store Day only caters to big retailers like Fingerprints and Amoeba. What do you think about this sentiment?

Haha… Absolutely. The big boys do a swell job of “Wal-Marting” our industry as it is… I can't afford to have your favorite pop star shake your hand at our sale, nor can I use my wallet to order up limitless amounts of the RSD releases, but we did save up and get a ton this year and I know our customers will be excited.

What is the best part of RSD in your eyes as a record store owner and as a music fan?

I love seeing the folks getting excited and relieved when they find something. I love when folks tell me they just came from Factory or Port of Sound….. out making the rounds for RSD.

I think that every industry should have one of these days that focuses on the little guy. Unfortunately, any time this happens, some rich asshole will make ruin it by exploiting it and turning it into a strain on the businesses it's designed to strengthen. I also love the releases.

Anything else?

No horses were harmed in the writing of this email.

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