Crystal Castles

Canada’s computerized post-pop band Crystal Castles started as an accident—or an experiment, depending on what you’d call it when a scratch sound check and a MySpace page add up to launch one of the most unexpected buzz bands of the mid-2000s. Early songs such as “Alice Practice” (featuring supercharged vocals from Alice Glass, then fresh from a local punk band) were built from the death rattles of 1,000 tortured Nintendo sets, and their collaboration with LA band Health on the song “Crimewave” became something of a surprise jumpstart for both bands. Four years later, and they’re happily kind of gigantic, scoring the Cure’s Robert Smith for guest spots—he fits perfectly—and colliding vintage minimal electronica with Rough Trade-style fringe-punk intensity.

Thu., March 3, 7 p.m., 2011

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