Cut/Paste Art Show Closing Reception This Friday Night

The Cut/Paste show at F+ Gallery ain't cut/dry. Though only around for a month, the show has featured some exquisite collage works from artists Emily Hoy, Justin Angelos, Michael Ziobrowski and No Curves. And though F+ Gallery isn't as big as some of your other SanTana art galleries, it still manages to show off impressive work in a low-key, industrial corner of the city. Located in the Santiago Lofts just across the Santa Ana train station, F+ Gallery has been around just over a year, and has already started building up its presence in OC.

This gallery show is going out with a bang. Friday night will feature sixty works from the cadre of artists, along with two shorts films presented by video artist Federico Medina; free giveaways, and-yes yes- a raffle! As an added bonus, there's a chance to schmooze it up with the artists themselves.


Collage art isn't new or unique at all, but the works presented here have an intense imagination for the medium. Justin Angelo's work features a fierce juxtaposition of images that appear chaotic and energetic; Emily Hoy, graphic artist for Volcom, applies the cut-up method to a fashion-forward display of geometric shapes, models and animals; No Curves honors his artist name by making works using only colorful masking tape; his work is somehow the most organized and neat of the show, yet its exactness in rendering the faces of Venus De Milo and Yoda is insane… insanely good, that is.

Michael Ziobrowski, who curated the show, presents his own works using recycled materials such as wood boards, studs, tape, and paper bags, focusing on the eclectic figures of the late 1970s New York art and music scene: Debbie Harry, Beastie Boys, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Grace Jones and more. Heavily surrounded by geometric lines and starry skies, each pop culture figure gives off an aura of cosmic radiance, as wild and vibrant as the figures themselves.

The fun all starts Friday night at 7 p.m., with plenty of beer on hand for you to enjoy, so come out and support your local artists, and catch up with F+ Gallery's upcoming shows here. See you there!

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