Dada Life – Avalon Hollywood – October 16, 2012

Dada Life
Avalon Hollywood
October 16, 2012

Dada Life drew quite the crowd last night when they threw their free The Rules of Dada album release party at the iconic club Avalon in Hollywood. Tickets to this show sold out in less than 10 minutes and were almost as coveted as Ultra Music Festival pre-sales. Not only were we lucky enough to talk to Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, the Swedish duo– who met in Orange County while standing in a line at Disneyland–prior to the show, but we were also able to bear witness to their energetic two-hour set in typical Dada Land fashion with the rest of their raging fans.

“A lot of dance music producers do a lot of different kinds of songs incorporating slower songs, fast songs and maybe more vocals or instrumentals,” says Cornéer when asked what inspired this album three years in the making. “We wanted to do the opposite – an album that is just a party with 11 bangers from start to finish.” Known for their entertaining “live” sets, Dada Life throws large inflatable bananas and champagne bottles which have become staples at all of their shows as they splice in their bangers with their own original remixes of EDM hits. “The energy is so good in America and Canada right now,” adds Engblom the other half of the duo. “People are really embracing dance music and EDM and we can really feel it on our current Dada Land tour.”

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As we pulled up to Avalon you could see all of the blissful fans dressed up as bananas lined up at the door as early as 9pm. “I guess they like bananas,” we overheard a bouncer say as the fairly young crowd was doing anything to try to get into the this exclusive event. The opening DJ MAKJ did an amazing job at warming up the crowd and setting the mood for the evening. With the dimly light lights, few lasers and hundreds of EDM lovers dancing in the crowd we felt like we were at an underground party. Though we understand with these big name DJ's and all of their production elements it's hard to surprise the crowd, our mind was blown as DJ MAKJ enticed us with electro bangers seamlessly mixed with everything from tech house to hip-hop. Our favorite part was when he played “Star 69” by Fatboy Slim and those around us actually knew the words.

Then suddenly the music stopped and the sound guys began to prepare Dada Life's set up at an early 11:30pm. We knew we were in for one crazy-ass party as inflatable letters spelling out Dada Life, champagne bottles and of course bananas adorned the stage. Everyone brought out their cell phones and iPads like a sea of glowing electronics as Dada Life welcomed their fans to the show and opened with “Kick Out the Epic Mother Fucker” spliced with their remix of Kaskade's “Llove.” Playing what they call “Happy Face” music because “no matter how sweaty and disgusting you look you still have a smile on your face,” they played hit after hit and had everyone jumping up and down screaming in delight. The giant LED walls played visuals that went along with each song while lasers and flashing lights produced a real festival like feel in our own Dada Land world.

“Every time we come back [to SoCal] the shows keep getting better and better and we can just feel the love,” explained Olle. “That's why we wanted to give back to the fans. It felt like the perfect place to do this at Avalon in Los Angeles.” Known for bringing world renowned talent from all over the world we thought Avalon was the perfect place to host such an epic show as well. The sound system was “loud as fuck” as one of the Rules of the Dada says and the boobies, tequila and pillow fights were in full effect. Yes we said pillow fights as they had giant pillows thrown into the crowd at one point. They played new songs like “Everything is Free” and “Boing Clash Boom” with old ones like “White Noise/Red Meat.” Even their take on “Gangnam Style” had everyone singing along “Oppan u kno wat style” as they jumped up and down, shuffled and went absolute bananas.

Critics Bias: Though the energy was unreal and we love to go hard we are kind of tired of the same sounds and recycled Beatport top 40 hits. Don't get us wrong “Reload” is a sick ass song, but how many times am I going to have to hear it before the year ends?

The Crowd: Surprisingly diverse from kids dressed as bananas to club rats doing coke in the VIP.

Overheard in the Crowd: After the crazy pillow fights, champagne spraying and confetti madness all ended we overheard a bartender say “Now who's going to clean this mess up?!”

Random Notebook: Dada Life did mention to us their plan for world domination which includes a Vegas residency titled Dada Land and maybe buying a small country somewhere where the weather is better than Sweden.

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