Dillinger Escape Plan Playing Free Concert at Slidebar; Watch it Without Compromising Your Integrity

So mathcore/hardcore band Dillinger Escape Plan is playing a free show at Slidebar on Thursday, Jan. 19. It's being called the band's “last U.S. [show] for a while” And if you're still boycotting Slidebar because of the Kelly Thomas hooha, know that you could maintain your integrity by watching the concert online, where they'll be streaming it at Stickam.com/DillingerEscapePlan.

In Febuary the band is going down south to play in Australia with Mastodon, and then open a few shows for System of a Down as well.


According to guitarist Ben Weinman, the band is working on a new album as well. In a Loud magazine interview he says, “You know, every
time I finish a record, I feel like I can't make another one. I'm done. I
have no more DILLINGER in me. Then after a year or two of just touring
heavily on that music, it just seems to come naturally, to start working
on new stuff.”

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