Disneyland Settles White-Rabbit-is-Racist Lawsuit in July, Tweets Out Photo of Mickey w/Black Family Today–Coincidence?

We all know that everything Disneyland does is planned to the teeth–that's what makes it such a fascinating, maddening place. And it's because of that we couldn't help but wonder what motivated the Mouse to tweet out a photo today of Mickey sitting on a bench with an African-American family. Don't accuse us of being race-obsessed; more like having a photographic memory of all the hilarity that happens in OC year after year.


Here's the seemingly innocuous tweet:

The background, of course, is that Disneyland faced a lawsuit earlier this year by an African-American family from San Diego that alleged the White Rabbit at the park hugged kids of all ethnicities except black kids. The lawsuit (with the awesome name Black vs. White, the result of the filing family having Black as their surname and their lawyer finding some poor sap at the Walt Disney Co. with White as his last name) was quietly settled this past July, with nary a media peep. Reached for comment, Black family lawyer Daniel Gilleon would only confirm the case was settled, citing a confidentiality agreement.

So are we really surprised Disneyland would tweet out the above photo at this time of year, when it's at its busiest? Or is the Mouse really, truly interested in doing the right thing and correcting its racist employees? Inquiring minds want to know!

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