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DoorBasher [Hey, You!]

Illustration by Bob Aul

Why do I have to give a predetermined tip for a guy who fucked up my meal after I worked all day and want to relax and enjoy dinner, but now can’t because the food is cold/the drink is wrong/there’s missing items? It’s completely unfair to those drivers who give 150 percent, the drivers who always bring me plates, napkins, salsa, a smile, thanks and even a promo card with a sucker attached as a gift. You making us tip prior to delivery is like me going to a salon with long hair to just get my split ends trimmed, tipping the girl $30 ahead of time and ending up with a military-style buzz cut. This is completely unfair to all the drivers who go out of the way to make my delivery experience awesome. I have no problem giving a driver a $5 or $10 tip for great service, but now I must tip even if the service is terrible? Please change back to the old way.

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