Dr. Robin Richard Cole Has His Medical License Revoked

The bad doctor is in. Illustration by Matt Coker

The Medical Board of California has revoked the license to practice medicine of a general surgeon in Placentia.

The order against the license of Dr. Robin Richard Cole went into effect on April 20.

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The board had ordered physical and psychiatric examinations of Cole last September. The exams had to be performed by board-selected specialists within 30 days, according to a notice sent to Cole in October.

Dr. Robin Richard Cole. Photo by healthgrades.com

He failed to show up to appointments scheduled for him by the board, according to the order.

Cole also failed to notify the board that he had abandoned his address of record, which was in Placentia, in September 2014. That violates the state Medical Practices Act, according to the board.

The 1998 graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine was given seven days after the order went into effect to respond with a request to vacate the decision.

None has been recorded as of this writing.

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