Eat This Now: Oxtail Fried Rice at Monarch 9 Cafe

If Yorba Linda needs anything, it’s a little more diversity, especially when it comes to restaurants. So we were happy to hear that the Land of Wacky Politics and Gracious Living got its first taste of Vietnamese cuisine in…ever?…thanks to the Le family with their newly opened Monarch 9 Cafe. They serve up the classics, with everything from pho to bánh mì. And they also stand out from OC Viet places with something called oxtail fried rice.

The oxtail is braised for six hours, then all the succulent meat is pulled off the bone, sautéed with sweet onions and stir-fried with fragrant jasmine rice until lightly crispy. The mound of rice is enough to call it a meal if you're not sharing, and with each morsel of meat packed with richness, you ain't sharing. All Monarch 9 dishes are prepared the way the Le family has been cooking at home for generations—can you adopt us, Les?

Monarch 9 Cafe, 22755 Savi Ranch Pkwy., Ste. A, Yorba Linda, (714) 602-9371;

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