[Election 2008] 10 Signs That People Besides Us In OC Think John McCain Sucks, Too

10 Signs that McCain’s Suckage Might Turn This Red County Sorta Purplish


1. Pro-lifer McCain accepted $2,300 in campaign contributions from Edward Allred, owner of the Los Alamitos horse track and the world’s largest chain of for-profit abortion mills.

 2. Julie Nixon Eisenhower, daughter of Orange County favorite son Richard Nixon, gave Barack Obama three donations totaling $2,300 as of February. That rumbling you hear from Yorba Linda is the Old Man spinning in his grave.

3. The first speech McCain delivered after the brunt of the nation’s economic meltdown hit was to the Orange County Hispanic Small Business Roundtable on March 25. Though leading economists (and his opponent) blamed the upheaval on lax government regulation, McCain stuck to his deregulating guns: “Our financial market approach should include encouraging increased capital in financial institutions by removing regulatory, accounting and tax impediments to raising capital.”

4. Former Representative Robert Dornan (R-Garden Grove) slammed the Arizona senator in 1989 for urging the Bush I administration to normalize relations with those commies in Vietnam. POW/MIA activist Gerard “Jerry” W. Kiley seconded that emotion in July, telling about 300 Vietnamese Americans gathered in an Emerald Bay restaurant, “If you want freedom and democracy for Vietnam then you should not vote for John McCain.”

5. Laguna Woods’ Leah Kane, who lost $15,000 after Irvine-based Lincoln Savings and Loan went belly up amid the S&L crisis on the 1980s, told The Orange County Register in September that she still has the personal apology McCain wrote her. Of the “Keating 5” U.S. senators caught up in the scandal, McCain was the closest to disgraced chairman Charles Keating, who wound up serving just under five years in the federal pen for his role in the worst fraud of its kind in U.S. history. About 21,000 mostly elderly investors lost $285 million they had entrusted to Lincoln. Kane says she’s voting for Obama, believing “there’s a mischievous side to John McCain.”

6. In September, McCain totally blindsided former Newport Beach congressman Christopher Cox, saying George W. Bush’s appointed Securities and Exchange Commission chairman should be fired. Okay, so he ain’t all bad.

7. At “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” in September, Warner Avenue Baptist Church pastor Stephen B. Orman was supposedly going to defy an Internal Revenue Service directive that states churches risk losing their tax-exempt status if they campaign for political candidates. But even he could not bring himself to endorse McCain, urging his Huntington Beach congregation to use the Bible as their voting guide. Bet on John the Baptist in a landslide!

8. Chip Hanlon, a Huntington Beach financial advisor who has lavished tens of thousands of dollars on Republicans, announced in October that he’s had it with McCain after Maverick revealed in the second debate he’d have the feds buy back bad mortgages.

9. In an ad aired in October, Iraq veteran and Orange County Young Democrats president Jason Bensley accused McCain of skipping a vote on the new GI Bill to attend a San Diego fund-raiser. “I used to respect you, Senator McCain,” Bensley says, “but with your seven houses and lobbyist friends, you’re just a Washington guy now.”

10. One South County resident told the Daily Kos website that there were 16 yard signs for Obama and none for McCain in his neighborhood.

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