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2-Day Comedy Extravaganza

Nov 15th - Nov 16th • 8:00 pm • Garage Theatre

Good people of Long Beach and beyond, we are proud to present to you, for the very first time, The Garage Theatre’s Comedy Extravaganza!

Featuring the finest and funniest in original comedy programming from our city’s wackiest and wildest friends and families. Hosted by none other than The Garage Theatre’s very own Johhny Touch!!!! (Touch!)

Leave the kids at home for this one baby, cause it’s gonna get all kinds of PG-13 up in there, and then some.  And when we say, “and then some”, we mean and then some. Ahooooogaa!!!

Friday, November 15th @ 8:00 pm
Masks & Mayhem: An Improvised Superhero Story
Held2gether, Long Beach’s award-winning Improv group, is introducing a brand new Superhero to the world through this completely improvised narrative performance.  In this comedic homage to comic book movies, the audience’s suggestions will determine not only the Superhero’s origin story, but the Supervillian’s background as well, culminating in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Friday, November 15th @ 10:00 pm
Me Seeking You
The Garage Theatre’s very own comedic celebration of sex on the internet.  We will dive deep into the lives of those lonely robots looking for love on the List of Craig.  The internet is a big sexy wave and we are gonna ride it into your faces and you will love it!!!

Saturday, November 16th @ 8:00 pm
Twirly the Clown
The deranged and delightful Twirly the clown will titillate and terrify us with her traveling bag of tricks.

Saturday, November 16th @ 10pm
Basic Human Decency with High Stakes Comedy Sports
How dare you want to see this show!!! You like watching actors compete in comedy sports where punishment is the penalty for being a loser!!  Pleasure to the winner!!! You like that kind of stuff you filthy animal? Don’t bring your mom to this one folks, unless she’s a cool mom who uses the F word!

All of this and so much more!  Plenty of surprises and special guests will be there, just for you!  You’re not gonna want to miss this one friends.

See you there!

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