A Conversation with Kishi Bashi and Dr. Stephanie Takaragawa

Feb 27th • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm • Chapman University Leatherby Libraries B3

Kishi Bashi (Kaoru Ishibashi), internationally acclaimed composer and songwriter, and Dr. Stephanie Takaragawa, Chapman University associate dean of Wilkinson College or Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, will have an in-depth conversation about Japanese-American incarceration during WWII. Kishi Bashi’s new project—Omoiyari: a Songfilm—is a genre breaking, artistic exploration that fuses history, music, and the complexities of the human condition.

The combined events bring an exceptional and needed focus to the subject of incarceration of Japanese-Americans during WWII, says Takaragawa. “His work is so beautiful and unique on its own, but coupled with the intention of drawing more attention to the Japanese-American internment in ways that are visual, auditory and creative provides greater depth to the history. The presentation of this information in the context of his work is also unique in its integration in a place where people may not expect to be educated in this way,” she says.

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