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Agave: The Spirit of a Nation; Screening and Tasting

Nov 14th • 7:00 pm • Frida Cinema

Cocktail Reception 7pm / Film 7:30pm / Tastings Reception after the Film!

On Wednesday, November 14th, we invite you to a very special screening of new documentary Agave: The Spirit of a Nation – complemented by an opportunity to sample some fine tequila and mezcal as part of your experience!

Filmed predominately in the Sierra Madre’s of Oaxaca and the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, directors Nick Kovacic and Matthew Riggieri’s film captures a tradition that has been passed down by families in Mexico for generations – the distillation of agave.   Tequila and Mezcal spirits derived from the heart of the agave are the fastest trending spirits in the marketplace, with Mexico being home to the highest bio-diversity of agave varietals in the world. This expressive documentary takes viewers beyond the spirit, to discover how one plant can carry the weight of a culture, and the people trying to protect it.

Doors open at 7pm to a special opening reception, where you will be handed a cocktail to enjoy before the show!  Film starts at 7:30pm, then afterwards we invite ticket holders to join us in the lobby for a special post-film reception hosted by three celebrated brand ambassadors – Ilegal Mezcal [1]Mezcal Vago [2], and Tequila Fortaleza [3] – who will be providing samples of their fine products to our guests!  

Tickets are $25, and include the cocktaila and Mezcal and Tequila tastings!  

21+ guests only. 

RSVP here. [4]

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