Bad Reputation, Wed. 9/26, 8 PM

Sep 26th • 8:00 pm • The Frida Cinema

Since January, one of the most hyped movies of the year has been Bad Reputation, a documentary looking back on the career of Joan Jett, fittingly named after one of her biggest hits. After taking the screen at Sundance, the film was met by soaring praise, and with good reason. This is an extensive and exhaustive view at the iconic singer that features interviews with subjects from Billie Joe Armstrong to Debbie Harry, Michael J. Fox to Miley Cyrus, Mike Ness to Kathleen Hanna. That in itself makes this a fascinating watch, nevertheless the rare footage culled from across the rocker’s 40-year career. Debuting on this date, this is a glimpse to get an exclusive listen to the stories behind Jett’s music and to see how many were truly impacted by her music.

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