May 23rd • 7:00 pm • Newport Beach Library

Man Ray always wanted to be remembered as a painter, but it’s his photography that looms largest in art history. “The first Surrealist photographer,” noted the New York Times: his famous glass tears or women’s-torso-as-violin have soaked into the culture, and you’ll recognize those images even if you don’t know the artist. But there’s so much more, of course—he was a world- traveling polymath who shot fashion and commercial work as well as extremely representative portraits of the major Surrealists, and besides his striking paintings he was responsible for some truly unsettling Surrealist “readymade” sculptures, like “The Gift” or the “Indestructible Object,” created to be destroyed once one reached “the limit of endurance.” If ever there was an artist appropriate for a lecture titled ‘Beyond The Canvas,’ well—here he is.

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