Cinema Italiano: La Notti Bianche

Feb 17th • 12:30 pm • Bowers Museum

Sad Russian existential erotic longing meets sad, gorgeous, existential erotic Italian-style longing in neorealist film master Luchino Visconti’s adaptation of the Dostoyevsky short story “White Nights” into the 1957 black and white classic Le Notti Bianche. Maria Schell is young, beautiful and old world. Marcello Mastroianni is young, beautiful and skeptical of her romantic fantasies. There’s cobblestone streets, motor scooters, a stray dog, an iconic rock’n’ roll music dance scene, but shadows of loneliness and falsity fall across it all. A dreamily unreal narrative structure and alternative storylines confuse memory and imagination, with our suitor struggling to persuade his fickle love to get real, and failing. He gets the dog. 12:30 p.m. $12.

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