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Darkside: Incorporating the Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

Nov 17th • (All day) • The Found Theatre

Back by popular demand, this play by acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard makes its way to Found theater for another run this month. Just like the title hints, the play incorporates some of the themes present in Pink Floyd’s seminal 1973 Dark Side of the Moon album into its story: fleeing their past, Emily McCoy and her nameless companion, the Boy become caught up in the big city world where greed and corruption run amok. While it uses some of the source material’s music, Darkside isn’t a musical and doesn’t incorporate lyrics into its dialogue, but nevertheless employs some of its relevant themes for resonance in its new context. Check out this visionary new look at an older, beloved conceptual musical album- note that fog, strobe lights, and lasers will be in use.

Performances are Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays.
Friday, November 9th- December 1st. Doors open @ 7:30pm, Show @ 8pm.

www.thegaragetheatre.org [1]

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