David Rosales & His Band of Scoundrels

Feb 4th • 9:00 pm • The Wayfarer

Los Angeles native David Rosales presides over the Wayfarer every Monday this month with his ensemble group, the Scoundrels. The throaty, baritone singer-slash-guitarist has been making waves lately for his rich, smooth vocals against his band’s lush R&B and folk tunes. Their latest album, Brave Ones, is a vibrant display of the band’s love for country, Americana, folk and R&B music, and those elements are wonderfully combined together for an immersive new roots music experience. While the collective took extra special care in the recording process for Brave Ones— having isolated themselves in a recording studio in the Mojave desert— they’ll have no issue playing a live set for guests of the Wayfarer tonight.

9 p.m., Free


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