Dry Bar Comedy, Mon. 3/18, 8 PM

Mar 18th • 8:00 pm • Irvine Improv

Comedy shows are all fun and games until one day you make the fatal mistake of bringing your grandma to see a vulgar comic you relate a bit too much with. Don’t worry, Dry Bar Comedy is coming to Irvine, making the whole family laugh without any of them questioning your lifestyle choices. Gaining massive popularity on social media with over one billion followers and subscribers, the troop has been featured on many popular late night shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Conan. This comedy group premiered only last year and has already become a household name, priding themselves on clean comedy. Fans will get sit in as Shayne Smith, Jay Whittaker, Steve Soelberg, and Alex Velluto debut their tour material for Orange County.

$25, 18+

More info here.

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