Fantastic Planet

Feb 15th • 7:00 pm • Fullerton Museum

If René Laloux’s 1973 animated film Fantastic Planet was released for the first time today, it’d still make waves and unwind minds. It looks like nothing else, although there’s some kind of compatibility with French artist Moebius’ ligne-claire alienscapes and maybe Chris Foss’ omnicolored space scenes. And it feels like nothing else, either: Fantastic Planet is alive within its own limitlessness, where ad-hoc rules of sci-fi dissolve and anything can (and does) happen. It’s almost like a fairy tale, but drawn from the future and not the past, and even nearly 50 years later its happily and charismatically strange. (Its singular soundtrack by Alain Goraguer is a textbook still for anyone experimenting with atmosphere and music.) Local documentarian/filmmaker/ musician/ writer Steve Elkins—who deserves a write-up of his own, besides the awestruck reviews he’s already won in this very paper—will host a discussion later. Expect something fantastic, in every sense of the word. 7 pm. $8-$10.

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