Geneva Jacuzzi

Oct 31st • 9:00 pm • Casa

L.A.’s Geneva Jacuzzi is an artist in every way she can be— her kaleidoscopic aesthetic makes for live performances that are really performance art, with her 2016 Goth-industrial-pop-Bowie-in-Technophelia serving as jumping-off point. (Even that album title is bristling with meaning—the usual mode from Jacuzzi.) Two years later and there’s no new record yet, although the world could use one. But helpful clips on social media portray her working at full power. At the Echo last month, she was slicing up the stage in a Vampira-via-Klaus Nomi outfit amid twitching tentacle tubes and waving flags, delivering an especially arctic version of Technophelia’s “Casket.” (You can see why Casa made the excellent call to book her.) With Casa regular JJR DJing.

Free, costume required. 21+

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