Going to College? – GO FIERCE & FABULOUS!!

Mar 4th • 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm • United Studios of Self Defense

FIERCE & FABULOUS is for EVERY young woman going off to college!

Learn real life Self Defense Techniques to reduce your likelihood of being a victim.
Campus Safety – Awareness – Easy Self Defense Techniques – Detection and Protection!

This class is taught by 2nd Degree Black Belt instructor of 20+ years…who is also a mom!
Going off to college is a huge step in our daughters’ lives. As a mom, one my biggest concerns when my daughter went off to college, 3,000 miles away, was her safety.

It is my passion to offer this class for every young woman who is venturing off on her own.
*Learn Safety Tips on and off campus
*Be aware of situations that can be avoided or prevented.
*Easy Self Defense Techniques EVERY young women should know.
*Steps to take to prevent, avoid, or deal with real situations.

“It is better to know self-defense and not need it, than to need self -defense and not know it”
2 hours of information that will leave you and your daughter EMPOWERED!!!
FREE for – Ages 14 – Adult. – Space is limited – (949) 702-4724 (Donations Welcome)

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