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Gremlins; Q&A with Zach Gallligan

Dec 6th - Dec 7th • 7:30 pm • Frida Cinema

Thanksgiving needs Planes, Trains and Automobiles and Christmas needs Gremlins. It’s a (monster) movie equal parts gore and slapstick that claws through all the schmaltz and treacle to reveal what’s truly important about the holidays—family, community and following the instructions that come with your presents. Semi-spoiler: Santa’s most impactful appearance is as an off-screen corpse, if that helps clarify Gremlins’ position on tradition. Star Zach Galligan will follow the screening with a Q&A, providing the next best thing to a mogwai’s-eye view of the filmmaking process. If Gremlins doesn’t quite attempt to destruct/deconstruct everything ethos of its delirious sequel it’s still one of those I-can-t-believe-they-let-them-make-this ‘80s classics.

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