Horror Movie Trivia, Mon. 10/14, 7:30 PM

Oct 14th • 7:30 pm • The Frida Cinema

What’s the name of the main witchy villain in Dario Argento’s Suspiria? In what film does Jason Voorhees first flex his feminist muscle by slaying a would-be rapist? For those that fancy themselves horror film fanatics like Randy Meeks in Scream, the Frida Cinema is hosting a trivia contest putting their expertise to the test. The rules are simple: assemble a crew of up to six, keep cell phones stashed away and answer host Logan Crow’s series of questions better than the rest. Pro tip: come into the theater knowing the full name of sequels, not just their numbers in a series. At the end of all the trivia terror, a winning team will emerge to take the spoils of Frida Cinema film and concession passes. Oh, and bragging rights, too!

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