James Redfield: The Celestine Prophecy Inspiration Tour – Orange County

Apr 14th • 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm • Unity of Tustin

“It is a NEW TIME… Two new generations are helping to build a rising Consciousness… It is time to Gather together, feel the Energy… Shift the World. If you have a dream project, join with us!” – James Redfield

JOIN ME as we travel on “The Celestine Prophecy — “Inspiration” Tour across the US in 2019.
Something beautiful is HAPPENING… In a effort to help a world gripped by hate and corruption on all sides, a growing wave of Consciousness is sweeping the Planet — Generations are again passing the Celestine Prophecy to others, and feeling the urge to unleash their creative gifts and projects.

Are you a BOOMER or Xer… with finally enough time to energize your Dreams. Are you a MILLENNIAL sensing forty rushing toward you, ready to actualize your true work and abundance. Are you a member of the newest generation seeking your “RIGHT PREPARATION” to live an INSPIRED life

Together, this Energy to Create is heralding in a NEW TIME in the world. It has never been easier to Break through what is holding you back. You can build your Energy — And Establish your Inspiration, Peace, and Inner Guidance that is every soul’s birthright of Creativity.

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  1. I would like more information on the tour and what places you will be. And how much is the cost. Any chance coming to southern Utah?

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