Korn & Alice in Chains

Aug 30th • 6:00 pm • Five Point Amphitheatre

If this summer has felt like one where every popular band of a certain era has hit the road with another group from the time period where they were at their mainstream pinnacle, well, you’re probably right. This time, a tour of the hard rock variety is coming to Five Point, and the two groups couldn’t be any different. Alice in Chains came up during the grunge era, while Korn is mostly synonymous with the much-maligned nü-metal period (reference Woodstock ’99). However, these bands managed to endure, and survive from that initial burst. Now, joining forces with somewhat different lineups, the bands can still rock, albeit in a much different fashion. Either way, fans who were fans of their peak days in the ‘90s will be thrilled to see that these two still have it.

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