Mar 9th • 9:00 pm • House of Blues Anaheim

Formed in 1998, this Canadian indie rock synth pop band fronted by Emily Haines has won multiple music awards for their modernized new wave repertoire, including cracking the US Top 20 four times, most notably with the 2012 single “Breathing Underwater.” Art of Doubt, their seventh album released last year was hailed by longtime fans as a brilliant return to the group’s harder-core roots, and critics for such notable music mags as Pitchfork have praised the band for being “immune to trends” and noting one of the band’s recent lyrics, “I change by staying the same.” Now’s your chance to check out the seething sonic tapestry of Metric and dive into the layers of their lush, poetic tales— and you may just never come back. (Written by SR Davies)

Tickets: $56

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