Nosferatu with Live Score by Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble

Oct 29th • 12:00 am • Art Theatre of Long Beach

Musician, composer, author and silent movie enthusiast Jack Curtis Dubowsky annually gathers his Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble together to perform an original live score for silent horror classics like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the 1921 Swedish film The Phantom Carriage. This year he’s composed an excellent score for one of the OG’s of the genre, Nosferatu. JCDE’s dark, brooding instrumentals and electronic sounds will complement this iconic black and white German Expressionist film, starring German actor Max Schreck in a performance that has gone on to influence every representation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula decades later. Do your Halloween-loving heart a favor and check it out!

Tickets: $11.50

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