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Reclaimed Landscapes: The Art of Jarod Charzewski

Apr 7th - May 17th • 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm • California State University, Fullerton Begovich Gallery

Jarod Charzewski’s art incorporates what he calls “repurposed” materials—trashed cables, clothes, bike tires and so on—collected into gigantic masses that fairly bristle with presence and sensation. To put it another way: even by looking at a photo, you’ll almost be able to feel the rubber or ragged fabric brushing against your fingertips. Or to put it yet another way: it’s like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, sorted and cleaned and categorized and stacked neatly on a nice clean floor. The larger environmental implications aside, Charzewski’s art also does the world the simple literal favor of keeping X thousand bike tires or ruined outfits out of the local landfill. If the trash has to go somewhere—and currently it does—there’s worse places for it to end up than a gallery show like this.

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