Roky Erickson with Death Valley Girls

Oct 4th • 8:00 pm • Marty\’s On Newport

Roky Erickson’s yearly-ish October appearances are like Christmas come early for certain people, this writer enthusiastically included. He was something special when he started back with the 13th Floor Elevators in 1966 and he’s something special still. His Elevators had the worst time as committed acid-heads in 1960s Texas, and their Eye Mind bio documents catastrophe after ridiculously improbable catastrophe. Roky himself ended up incarcerated with murderers at a hospital for the criminally insane—his crime was basically having a microscopic amount of weed— but rallied for a 1970s/80s second-act as a horror rocker who found something raw and real that Alice Cooper, Danzig, etc. never came near. Of course, he put the same rawness/realness into his songs about love as he did his songs about monsters (movie and otherwise) and between the two he created something truly classic.

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